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Robe Pro Spot 575 XT

Professional moving head spot.
The Spot 575 has every imaginable effect including two separate gobo wheels, two separate colour wheels, multi-step motorized zoom with three different apertures – 15, 18 and 22 degrees, iris, 3D prism, remote focus.


Lamp: Compact high-pressure metal halide lamp

Base: GX-9.5

Approved model: Philips MSR 575W/2

Control: Automatic and remote on/off

Ballast: Magnetic

Optical system

Motorized multi-step zoom with three different apertures (15°, 18°, 22°)

Rotating gobos

Outside diameter – metal gobos: 26.9 mm, dichroic and glass gobos: 26.8mm

Thickness – metal gobos: 0.5mm (aluminum); dichroic gobos: 1.1mm (high temperature borofloat or better glass); glass gobos: max. thickness = 4mm (high temperature borofloat or better glass)

Electromechanical effects

Colour wheel 1: 9 dichroic filters + open

Colour wheel 2: 6 dichroic filters + open, 3200K and 5600K correction filters,UV filter

Static gobo wheel: 9 metal gobos + open

Rotating gobo wheel: 6 rotating, indexable, replaceable gobos + open

Prism: 3-facet -prism rotating in both directions at different speeds

Dimmer/Shutter: Full range dimming and variable strobe effect

Iris: Motorized iris for different beam diameters

Focus: motorized focus

Pan: 530°

Tilt: 280°

Maximum Pan-movement 530° in 2.65 s

Maximum Tilt-movement 280° in 1.68 s


Mechanical specification
Height: 583 mm (23.0") – head in horizontal position

Width: 449 mm (17.7")

Depth: 467 mm (18.4")

Weight – EU model: 32 kg (70.5 lbs), US model: 36 kg (79.4 lbs)

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