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Martin Atomic 3000

  • 3000 W Stroboscope
  • 5600 K Colour temperature
  • Continuous blinder effect
  • Variable flash intervals of 20 ms to 2 s
  • Variable flash duration and intensity
  • Preprogrammed special effects
  • Control via DMX

This might be the best stroboscope ever made. The Martin 3000 DMX is a very versatile stroboscope that can be fully controlled via DMX. This strobe is capable of flashing at such a high speed that the human eye will register the flashes as a continuous light beam. This means the strobe can also be used as a blinder. The strobe’s lamp has a power capacity of 3,000 watts and an impressive colour temperature of 5,600 K – the brightest light possible on the mired chart.

Its has an exterior that’s made entirely made of metal and thanks to the built-in fan, the stroboscope always works at the best possible operating temperature. As the strobe features built-in effects, you’ll be able to create an amazing light show without much effort. Thanks to the DMX function, you can control the light brightness and flash speed very accurately. This high-end stroboscope is able to lift many light shows to a higher level.


Length: 425 mm (16.7 in.) without bracket
Width: 245 mm (9.6 in.) without bracket
Height: 240 mm (9.4 in.) without bracket
Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs.) without bracket
Variable strobe: 0 – 650 ms (50 Hz supply), or 0 – 530 ms (60 Hz supply)
Strobe rate: 0 – 25 flashes/second (50 Hz supply), 0 – 30 flashes/second (60 Hz supply)
Strobe intensity: Blackout – maximum
Blinder effect: Continuous with auto fade
Special effects: Ramp up, ramp down, ramp up-down, random flash, lightning, spikes, blinder, single flash
Control options: DMX, stand-alone, multi-fixture chase (with Detonator remote), MC-1
Stand-alone control: Via N.O. or N.C. SPST switch
Stand-alone options: Selectable flash rate or blinder effect
Setting and addressing: DIP switch
DMX channels: 1, 3, and 4 channel modes
Receiver: RS-485
DMX compliance: USITT DMX512/1990

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