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Marshall 1960AMarshall 1960A
Ebs 410-EvolutionEbs 410-Evolution

EBS HD 350

A pro rig that’s got the tone, the power, and the versatility you need.

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An ultracompact and light bass head loaded with useful features for the player who demands clout and versatility without fuss. Has superb dynamics and consistent quality throughout the entire frequency range, from the lowest sub-bass to the highest treble timbres. It’s loaded with a compressor/limiter, powerful 4-band EQ,tube and speaker simulator, bright filter, an overdrive stage and a powerful accelerated 350W MOSFET power amp with a highly efficient cooling system. Other pro features: serial and parallel effects loop, floating balanced XLR output, speaker simulator, and 9V phantom power


DRIVE SECTION: Gain Range min/max 0 / 30 dB
Gain Type Class A Tube Emulator
Low End Compensation < 350 Hz
BALANCED OUTPUT: Output Level nominal – 10 dBv
Output Impedance < 10 ohms current lim.
Frequency Response +0/-3 dB 35 – 20k Hz
Dynamic Range: linear/A-w. 102/105 dB typ.
XLR Connections 1-GND, 2-Hot, 3-Cold
Options Pre/Post Eq, GND Lift,
Speaker Simulator
EFFECTS LOOP: Loop Signal Level nominal -10 dBv
Gain Unity (1:1)
Output Impedance (Send) <100 ohms
Input Impedance (Return) 47 kohms // 100 pF
Loop Mode Serial or Parallel
Phantom Power optional 10V, 20 mA
LINE OUT: Output Impedance < 5 kohms
Nominal Signal Level 0 dBv
TUNER OUT: Output Impedance: < 25 kohms
Signal Level As Instrument
POWER AMP: Continuous/Dynamic Output Power 300 / 350 W RMS
@ 4 ohms Impedance
AUXILIARY INFO: Power Requirements max 400 W
Mains Protection: T3.15A Fuse (230V)
T6.3A Fuse (100/120V)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 48 cm x 33 cm x 9 cm
19” x 13” x 3.5”(2U)
Weight: 9 kg ( 20 lbs.)

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