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Ebs 410-Evolution

Natural, uncoloured sound with excellent response and high output handling is the inspiration behind our Evolution ProLine 2000 series.

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A natural sound developed through evolution

Transparency, balance, and natural warmth characterize the EBS ProLine speaker sound. Five different cabinet models allow optimal combinations, making it easy to create your own ‘signature’ sound.

The ProLine cabinets offer a great punch in the midrange that hits a sweet spot when playing slap bass or other styles that crave a great midrange response. The evolution of the ProLine can be traced back to the first cabinets ever made by EBS Professional Bass Equipment. Developed and fine-tuned along the way to meet the demands of today’s bass players.


Cabinet Specifics
13-ply Birch plywood covered
with resistant felt.

Protective woven steel grill
with chromed look.

Deep Dish Handles.

Heavy-duty back wheels with
top and side handles on 810 & 610 models.

Speakers & Connectors
2x Neutrik® SPEAKON connectors
(& 2x 1/4" connectors) for input and link through.

Conventional type speakers selected,
developed & optimized for each model.

Adjustable 2” tweeter.

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