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Manfrotto Turtle Base 1K – 5/8Manfrotto Turtle Base 1K – 5/8
Desisti De Lux CYCDesisti De Lux CYC

Desisti magis 300

DeSisti Magis 300W Fresnel Light with Stand Mount


The De Sisti family of Quartz-Halogen Studio Fresnels are rugged, compact and light weight. The De Sisti Leonardo Line begins with the versatile Magis Fresnel which houses a 300, 500 or 650 watt bi postal lamp and can be purchased individually with manual or pole operated yokes, or in a portable lighting kit.

Particularly suitable where efficiency, compactness, ruggedness and lightness are required either for studio or outdoor performances. The Magis series bring to the user, further to durability and ease of maintenance, the benefit of full stainless steel casing. The Magis 300 – 500 – 650 W mantain the performances of a smooth spot and flood focusing, either in MO version or PO version.


Amperage Europe: 230 V / 2,9 A (650 W)
America: 120 V / 5.5 A (650 W)

Power Supply Europe: 230 V / 0-60Hz
America: 120 V / 0-60Hz
Switch on line Toggle: 16A\125V – 8A\250V
Lamp Holder GY 9,5
Power Cable Europe:3 x 1,5 mm2 – 150°C
(0,5 m silicon 180 °C
+ 3m H07RN-F 90°C)
America:3 x 16 Awg
(0,5 m high T 200°C
+ 3m SO 90°C + Plug
Protection Class Class 1– ground connection required
Protection Type IP 22
Max. Housing Surface Temperature 220° C
Weight of Fixture M.O.2,4 kg.
P.O.4,7 kg.
Weight of Barndoor 4 leaf0,3 kg.
8 leaf0,4 kg.
Size of Barndoor ring Diameter 133 mm
Weight of color frame 0,25 kg.
Size of scrims & color frame Diameter 129 mm
Lens diameter 120 mm.

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