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Behringer P16-M

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The POWERPLAY P16 system is the easy, affordable way to give live or recording musicians/vocalists what they really want – “more me!” The P16-M Personal Mixer lets each performer take control of his/her own monitor mix, whether on the stage or in the studio – and allows the engineer to concentrate on creating the best mix possible.

Fast and easy to set up, a basic system can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes – and the system can be expanded to adapt to changing needs. Read on to find out how the P16-M Digital Personal Mixer can improve your performance!


16-channel digital stereo mixer to create your personal monitor mix

Ultra-intuitive "analog" operation with total recall and 16 presets for custom mixes

State-of-the-art 24-bit D/A converters for premium audio quality

16 Channel Select buttons with dual LEDs for perfect overview

Level and Pan/Spread control per channel with LED meter

3-band EQ per channel with mid-band frequency control

Solo and Mute functions per channel

Global Level and EQ controls plus Panic Mute function

High power and "drummer proof" headphones output

Fully adjustable limiter protects your ears and headphones

Additional mono/stereo line output to connect your powered monitor

MIDI IN port for real-time remote control of all channels by external MIDI device such as Behringer BCF2000, BCR2000, etc.

Standard CAT5e connection delivers power and 16 signals to each Personal Mixers

ULTRANET connector to daisy-chain up to forty-eight P16-M mixers for large systems (in conjunction with P16-D)

Ultra-low system latency of less than 1 millisecond

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