Mobile Dance Floor For Indoor + Outdoor

Give your guest one more reason to get up and dance!
And let’s face it, for many events, the dance floor should be at the top of the requirements list. A party isn’t a party without dancing!
Our range of dance floors Hire enables you to customize the shape and size of your dance floor, depending upon the available space
at your venue and the number of guests. Our dance floor hire comes in panels that simply fit securely together without the need for
screws or tools, and come withaluminum perimeter, making them accessible for all.
  • 100% tool-free
  • Quick & Easy Set-Up
  • Lightweight Aluminum Edging
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduced Liability
  • Convenience Transport & Storage
  • Classic hardwood parquet

 Dance Floor Size Estimator

Why full and half panels?
Our Lok dance floor systems use of both full & half dance floor panels laid in a brickwork pattern prevents four corners from coming together at any one point and eliminates separation.

EventRent Hires offer a delivery and collection service 7 days a week at a competitive rate or you can collect from our warehouse.

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